Normally my clients can share directly with me regarding their spirituality. I work within the frame of my client’s spirituality in Therapeutic Coaching; being open with them when they want me to share my spirituality in sessions. Imposing my beliefs would go against everything I believe. Since I can not ask you directly about your own personal Higher Power on this web site, I will address key issues of spirituality from the perspective of my own person Higher Power relationship. I consider myself a “liberal fundamentalist.” I understand that this sounds like an oxymoron at first glance. Let’s look deeper.

“Liberal,” refers to my freedom to relax into becoming a new creation in Christ, “Fundamentalist,” refers to the depth of my relationship with God. I believe in His Perfect Plan of Grace and accept personal responsibility to desire and allow His Holy Spirit to transform me, as a new creation, through a deeper, growing relationship with Him. My grateful humility for His free, unearned gift helps create the emotional and perceptual ecology necessary for His Spirit to transform my life.

This “No-Fault” attitude toward noticing and changing helps make my growth the path of least resistance. I am free to make changes in my life. I am free to want to want to make changes. I am free to accept myself right where I’m starting in the present, as I continue to be becoming in His Nature. It takes a lifetime to learn to believe this core truth of my identity, and I’ll never live it perfectly.

I welcome Him to use as much of me for His Purposes as I am able to make available at any given moment. It is exciting to me to be on an amazing team with my Big Brother, who is my own wonderful coach. What is so amazing to me as a coach is that His Plan is so powerful that you don’t even have to believe in the Author – Jesus - for His Plan to help your recovery.

Grace is a key to healthy change. In recovery, grace is freely embracing an attitude of grateful humility, which grows out of the unearned, unconditional love from your Higher Power. This grace is then given imperfectly to yourself and others in an attitude of unearned mutual respect and valuing. It leads to increasing honesty and transparency.

I believe this is the heart of God’s Plan for our recovery and growth – A NEW IDENTITY IN HIM. Although His Spirit is fully formed at the point of accepting Him as Lord, learning to believe and apply this truth in our lives takes a lifetime and can never be done perfectly. This identity in Him has allowed me to grow and develop healthy choices in my life today. I have a long way to go, and I know I’ll never get there. The meaning is in the journey. We are given a new role/function in His Service: to be His ambassador in the reconciliation process. This is true reaching out to others and also reaching inward to the wounded parts of us, currently stuck in our old nature.

When you think about “who” you really believe yourself to be, your true identity, does it reflect yourself as a new creation or your old nature? Is your identity based on the “rear view mirror” of your life story up until now, or the “windshield” of becoming, as a new creation? Your identity will strongly shape your perceptions; what do you believe about your real identity? In CAIRing Grace Groups we embrace this special relationship: "Because of God's loving Grace, who I am is 'becoming' in His Holy Spirit, and my recovery is the process of experiencing the adventure of becoming like the person and nature of my Big Brother Jesus." These words capture who I believe I am at my core.

The more I pour grace inside myself, as His ambassador, to help in the reconciliation process between my true identity in Him, and the wounded parts of myself, that are stuck in my old nature, and the more I pour grace outwardly to those I touch, the more room there is inside me to receive His ongoing Grace.


Continuing Your Journey...