There are four key qualities necessary in your relationship with your own personal Higher Power to make healthy growth the path of least resistance. How you experience your personal Higher Power is often at a subliminal level of consciousness. I am speaking of a relational experience, not an intellectual construct. I am referring to spirituality in your recovery, not religious questions about your salvation!

These four Higher Power qualities capture the core elements of the Fundamental Principles of Healthy Change:

  1. Giving unearned grace and love,
  2. Giving unchanging consistency about Truth,
  3. Giving honest, accurate feedback nonjudgmentally,
  4. Having absolute faith in your ability to continue moving forward in your recovery.

To the extent any of these qualities are missing in your Higher Power relationship, you need to find a way to add the missing dimensions. Again, I am talking spirituality in recovery, not religious issues of salvation! Please recognize the difference. Alcoholics Anonymous meets these four dimensions in their process of recovery. I have had clients who utilized A.A. as their Higher Power. They developed deep relational connections with the fellowship as they continued to work the steps, and grow in the program. Reflect on your own Higher Power in light of these needed qualities. Are there areas that need attention?


Continuing your Journey...