The Only Way 

We sometimes think we can put God in a box;
That we know exactly how He works in bringing us to Him.
And then we see things outside the box. . . . .

And we wonder. . . . . we react with fear,
We say, "but I thought it was this way . . . or that".
And gradually we realize that God is much bigger than we thought.

Our narrow concepts could never understand Him. . . . .
Lord of all, creator of all, lover of all:
He is much, much larger than the small box WE created.

And so. . . . .He can work any way He wants.

He draws us to Him in myriads of ways.

He woos us to Him through beauty, music, nature. . . . . pain.

He expands our capacity, He lifts our sights;
And we get a small vision of His enormity and majesty.
We rejoice in knowing that we, as His created, loved ones,
Can never understand or comprehend One who created ALL.

And we can rest in allowing God to be God,
In all His unsearchable ways. . . . shrouded in the Cloud of Unknowing.
Resting in His word which says Jesus is the only way to God,
We allow HIM to show US what that means.

Roberta K.