It is also know as "C.A.I.R."

A self-help group for learning,

And a safe place in which to share.

To learn to be less judgmental,

Of self as well as others;

For we are all fallible beings,

Ourselves as well as our brothers.

Mutual respect is a corner stone,

And at times it is so hard to do.

It’s not only respecting others,

But respecting our own self too.

Many have a "wounded child" within

That has been rejected and deplored,

And to learn to show that part respect

Has often been ignored.

We all have our own little thermostat,

Our self image rules the setting;

As we change, and get out of our comfort zone,

The tension can lead to fretting.

There are five Rs in Recovery –

Reality, Responsibility and Regret,

Respect (for self and others)

And Relationships we must not forget.

Recovery isn’t overnight,

It’s a journey – not a destination.

Since C.A.I.R. has gotten us on the path,

It is cause for a celebration.