Role of Spirituality

As your Coach on this web site, I will invite you to face deep issues of meaning and spirituality. I make a significant distinction between religion and spirituality. It is for you to choose what religious path you travel. Our coaching relationship will focus deeply on your assumptions about your spirituality and how it affects your life. I will help you explore the qualities within your Higher Power relationship that support your recovery.

"Four Qualities Needed In Your Higher Power Relationship" in order for you to grow as quickly and deeply as possible. These qualities can help make healthy change the path of least resistance. I would never impose my spiritual beliefs on you. I do want to share with you a way of exploring your spirituality more deeply.

"My Own Personal Higher Power Relationship" is shared to help illustrate how to explore these important principles of spirituality deeply at a personal level.

"Abundance Paradox" reflects a unique view that allows you to have the most meaning and purpose in your life.

These nuggets of wisdom are deep and require reflection and sharing with someone whom you feel safe being transparent and real. This material is to be experienced, not just read.


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