Are you dealing with areas of your life you have tried to change – and somehow it hasn’t worked? Are there people in your life struggling with such problems. These problem areas may be causing you considerable pain. The harder you have tried to make healthy changes in these areas, the more hopeless and trapped you may have felt. I call that NORMAL! How you approach change makes all the difference. Coaching shows you a different way to approach problems that makes healthy change the path of least resistance - both for yourself and others.

Therapeutic Coaching approaches change at the level of perception. We explore deeply the underlying assumptions and beliefs that support the toxic patterns that bring client's into coaching. Coaching shows you “How To Build Your Own Inner Coach". Examples of core perceptions explored in Coaching include:

"Freedom Is Accepting Our Consequences",

"I Am Not My Story And It Affects Where I’m Starting Today”,

"Change Is A Participation Process",

"The Power Of Choosing",

Applying Coaching to the "Teatment of Addiction To Pornography".

You may be drowning in some addictive patterns, dying in a toxic marriage or work situation, or fighting off the “nothingness” of depression. Each new day may loom for you as a minefield to travel through, anxiety and self-doubt beating you down each step of the way. You want to go north but a part of you grabs the steering wheel of your life’s bus and you head south, hating yourself the entire time.

Are you doing what you don’t want to do and not doing the things you really want to do? Do you find yourself surviving from day to day? Is your life feeling out of control? Do you need/want a coach to help you learn to drive differently, so you can enjoy your life? Would you like to gain skills and tools to handle difficult stretches of road differently? Would you like to have life become an adventure, a journey into health rather than an ordeal to survive? Coaching helps you change the process from an ordeal to an adventure.

How would you like to find out who has REALLY been driving your emotional bus on these treacherous roads? Coaching will show you how to recognize who is really driving and how to become a healthy driver today. Perception is the key to healthy driving. Recognizing filters that distort your perceptions and replacing them with more accurate filters, makes healthy driving much easier.

Imagine driving into the sun in the late afternoon, your windshield streaked and dirty. The sun’s light reflects off the grime and makes it almost impossible for you to see what is ahead of you. You can continue driving; feeling anxious about the poor visibility or you can pull over, clean the windshield and continue driving, able to see much more clearly and accurately.

Most of the distortions seen through the windshield of your perceptual bus come from learning to survive the pains of life up until now. I will show you how to shift from surviving to living, and help you understand the differences between these two perspectives.


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