CAIRing Grace Groups

CAIR Self-help Groups were formed in 1990 by James O. Henman, Ph.D. and a Steering Committee of CAIR members. The CAIR Groups were designed to create a safe place for people to come together from a variety of different problem backgrounds, and to share a common focus on developing healthy esteem and recovery. The CAIR materials supply tools and resources to help in this process.

In 1997 Urban Care Ministries, which is a part of Medical Ambassadors International, began the first CAIRing Grace Group. UCM saw a need for the CAIR material to be available with a Christ centered focus. They use Scriptures and the CAIR Handbook to support the recovery process.

You can begin by sharing the Welcome To CAIRing Grace Groups. The Introduction To CAIRing Grace Groups allows you to experience the tone and atmosphere of the groups. This Introduction is read aloud at the beginning of each meeting. CAIRing Grace Groups - Guidelines For Healing lays out the guidelines for safety in a clear form. If you are interested in beginning a new CAIRing Grace Group, the steps involved are presented in Starting CAIRing Grace Groups.


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