A New Program

Excerpt from: Who’s REALLY Driving Your Bus?
By James O. Henman, Ph.D., Psychological Associates Press, 2003.

My many years of experience as a Therapeutic Coach in peoples’ lives has given me a chance to watch the Fundamental Principles of Healthy Change unfold, both within the same client, and within different clients over time. I have seen the effects when clients chose to resist and ignore these fundamental principles.

Since these principles are integrated, when you violate one principle, it affects all aspects of New Program. An example would be learning to see more accurately, but insisting on judging and feeling bad about what you see. It is predictable that this strategy will result in a growing resistance to seeing accurately. Judging will cause you not to notice the very things that are being judged – what a great paradox.

I have formed eight of these Fundamental Principles of Healthy Change into an esteeming New Program for recovery and growth. I have found them particularly useful in coaching and in the free CAIR Self-Help and CAIRing Grace Groups. These principles can guide you on your journey.

Fundamental Principles of Healthy Change: A New Program For Living

  1. A growing commitment to being non-judgmental, open and accurate.
  2. A growing commitment to believing that we are all Fallible Human Beings.
  3. A growing understanding that we react through our perceptual filters rather than directly to “reality.”
  4. A growing commitment to the acceptance (acknowledgement) of Reality in the present.
  5. A growing commitment to Mutual Respect and Valuing.
  6. A growing commitment to a healthy parenting relationship with the “wounded parts of yourself.”
  7. A commitment to a growing relationship with a Loving Higher Power.
  8. A realization that Recovery is an ongoing process of growth and change – a way of life.

These eight Fundamental Principles of Healthy Change are the heart of an esteeming New Program that allows you to nurture your ability to bring healthy perceptions into your life. When I refer to New Program, I am including the beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and tools presented throughout this book that reflect the Fundamental Principles of Healthy Change. New Program is an integrated perspective that has a direct affect at the level of perception. It is a process of developing healthy attitudes affecting your perceptions, not a set of rules. It is a way to approach your life differently.


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