Often the more intelligent we are, the more complex the labyrinth of “Blind Spots” we have to deal with in life. Being smart is no inoculation.  The problem is that most of us really do believe that our intellegence and intellectual understanding will keep us from having "Blind Spots" in our personal lives, which is one of the biggest blind spots of all.

It is important for us to become aware of what we believe, to begin seeing our “Blind Spots” non-judgmentally – "No-Fault Learning". We can experience learning to "believe-in-action" healthy truths in our life today. Recovery is not an intellectual exercise of rules to follow or remember; it is a change of fundamental perception, experienced at the level of believing-in-action. It is an ongoing process of believing imperfectly – practice, practice, practice!

The more deeply we believe anything, the easier it is to remember - unless we are judging and condemning ourselves for that belief, which causes the belief to become unconscious. That which we try hardest to forget, impacts us most powerfully, at the core level of our identity. What we don’t remember really can hurt us. Notice what happens when we try very hard “Not to think of the color purple.” We cannot hate or shame ourselves into healthy living. There is another way. We can learn to build our own healthy inner coach to help guide us on the journey.  

There is a profound difference between survival software and living software. In reality, the only thing really wrong with most of us is the core fear/belief that there is something terribly wrong with us at the core. This is a belief worth challenging and replacing with healthy truth. We can all learn to enjoy the adventure of becoming - experiencing living imperfectly.

It is choosing to live consciously in the present, experiencing believing our identity as becoming; feeling good about noticing changes we want to make in our life today. Healthy change can become the path of least resistance in our daily living. We can learn to hit the “Refresh” button, allowing yourself to have the most accurate perceptions in the present.

Having faith that change is possible for you personally, is what makes change possible. I have absolute faith that you can make healthy change; I also believe just as strongly that you can never do it perfectly.



Continuing the Journey...